Adele Suspended Her Privacy Twitter Account

Adele Suspended Her Privacy Twitter Account

There is undoubtedly a cost associated with becoming a celebrity, despite all the benefits. Every day of your life, your privacy is violated, which is difficult. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that celebrities, including Adele, try their best to maintain some level of anonymity.


Using hidden accounts is one of the main strategies used by celebrities to maintain their online anonymity. Beyoncé, Kristen Stewart, Kylie Jenner, and others have all acknowledged using “finstas.”

Adele appears to be a member of the exclusive social media group, or at least she was up until lately. Adele first made reference to her covert Twitter account in 2017.

Adele had made a phony, hidden Twitter account in order to remain anonymous and express her views without being concerned about the reactions of others because she was denied access to her official account.

Adele did, however, admit to Elle that she eventually deleted the hidden account out of embarrassment. The singer was unable to handle the wrath from fans after she had to postpone her Las Vegas residency.

It certainly sounds like a challenging situation to be in. Negative comments can, after all, make anyone’s day miserable. Let’s hope Adele has been having fun avoiding social media.

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