BBNaijaUpdates: Daniella in tears after knacking Khalid last night (Watch)
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BBNaijaUpdates: Daniella in tears after knacking Khalid last night (Watch)

The enjoyment has finally ended in premium tears for Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemate Daniella, after knacking Khalid last night.

Daniella in tears after knacking Khalid last night

We all know that yesterday was Khalid’s 23rd birthday and I think we all expected some action in the night between Daniella and Khalid.

Well guyz, they did not disappoint, they did their usual stuff.

This only interesting and unsuual thing here is that after the knacking session, Khalid left her bed and went to sleep on his bed.

Then Daniella appeared to be crying uncontrollably after Khalid left.

Me: Since Khalid has never left Daniella on the bed after knacking her before, I think that there was a conversation between him and Daniella that made him leave.

Since the conversation happened immediately after they knacked, I think it must have been related to the KNACKING they have been doing.

Probably Daniella expressed regrets to Khalid for doing what she was doing with Khalid in the house and on national TV abd Khalid decided to leave the bed.

She probably was already in tears before he left her bed.

Khalid might even be hailed for being able to get a girl to knack on national TV but Daniella will definitely get dragged as she is the lady here.

Khalid is only 23 yrs old, so we will most likely not have a Teddy A & Bambam love story were they get to get married… making the fact that they knacked on national TV irrelevant.

I feel bad for her but I hope she has good friends and family members that will help her move on and do better as the past can’t be changed.


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