Beyoncé’s “Thique” Was Actually Produced In 2014, Says Hit-Boy

Beyoncé’s “Thique” Was Actually Produced In 2014, Says Hit-Boy

It was assumed that many of the songs on Renaissance, Beyoncé’s long-awaited seventh studio album, were created over the past few years. Due to Lemonade being her final studio album, Queen Bey had taken a break from releasing album-related singles.

Beyoncé’s “Thique” Was Actually Produced In 2014, Says Hit-Boy

Currently, Hit-Boy, a super-producer, has disclosed on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast that the song “Thique,” from Renaissance, was originally written back in 2014. He claimed to have been sitting on the beat for years and said that, along with another Beyoncé collaboration, he had been working on various renditions of “Thique.” The musician admitted that Bey actually put the beat on hold before picking it up again and used it for Renaissance.

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I was forced to remain on the beat for eight years. Hit-Boy disclosed. “Occasionally, the game proceeds in that manner. I’ve had a lot of highs and lows in the game, and some people may wonder, “Oh, where has Hit-Boy been?” What has Hit-Boy been up to? However, he continued, “I’m sitting on things like ‘Thique’ that just haven’t manifested yet. You guys have no idea how far ahead I truly am. There is still a lot more famous material that I have been holding onto.

Hit-Boy also disclosed that Lil Ju, who usually collaborates with Megan Thee Stallion, provided the opening 36 seconds of “Thique” with a separate rhythm that he added in the interval.

Below is a link to Beyoncé’s Renaissance song.


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