Ghana's Big Bumb#m Gobe seller’s Inspiring Journey: From Viral Sensation to Business Success

Ghana’s Big Bumb#m Gobe seller’s Inspiring Journey: From Viral Sensation to Business Success

Celestina Etornam, the Ghanaian beans (Gobe) vendor who became an internet sensation a few months ago due to what’s been hailed as the most prominent derriere in Ghana, is back in the spotlight, but this time for an inspiring reason.

The initial wave of fame that washed over the Gobe seller  has evolved into a positive transformation. It has come to light that Etornam leveraged the attention she garnered to amass a significant sum of money.

With her newfound resources, she has upgraded to a more spacious and appealing location for her bean-selling business.

A recent video circulating on social media captures the heartwarming moment as Celestina explores her new business premises, diligently arranging her merchandise. This development is a testament to her determination to capitalize on the spotlight and transform it into a lasting improvement in her life.

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Notably, Celestina had previously made a bold statement during an interview with Johnnie Hughes on TV3. She declared that “hookup is not profitable,” which strongly suggests that she has initiated this new venture using her hard-earned funds rather than relying on the support of a wealthy benefactor.


This heartening story of Celestina’s journey from viral sensation to a successful entrepreneur is not only generating buzz but also inspiring netizens. Her commendable efforts to create a better future for herself serve as a reminder of the potential for self-driven success.

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