Cardi B Reacts to Claim She Stole 'Hot Sh*t'

Cardi B Reacts to Claim She Stole ‘Hot Sh*t’

Cardi B is defending herself against accusations of plagiarism once more.

According to PAKK RiLey, the rapper plagiarized his 2020 song “Hot Shit” with Toke Ruffin for her 2022 single with Kanye West and Lil Durk.

Cardi B Reacts to Claim She Stole 'Hot Sh*t'
Cardi B Reacts to Claim She Stole ‘Hot Sh*t’

He played both songs back-to-back in a video that was posted to Twitter to highlight how the flow and production were identical. “She did it again, you guys. She already took another tune, RiLey said.

In her response, Cardi denied the accusations and claimed that her version of “Hot Shit” existed prior to RiLey’s. She posted a letter with the lyrics of “Hot Shit” on her phone that was dated March 2020.

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In a now-deleted tweet, she stated, “Now look at the date when I wrote this song.” “Waiting on my engineer to provide the file of my voice with the dates…MUNCHER,” the message reads.

She posted a demo of “Hot Shit,” dated May 5, 2020, in a later deleted tweet. In November 2020, RiLey’s “Hot Shit” was made available on streaming services.

Cardi has been accused of plagiarism previously as well. Rappers Mir Pesos and Mir Fontane from New Jersey claimed she plagiarized their song “Stuck” for her single “Up” last year.

She at the time tweeted, “Naaa im the type of person that avoids difficulties & court days.” “If a song inspires me, I don’t mind contributing a percentage or a few thousand dollars, but I never hurt if this man. I’m delighted I was able to play the hook live while I was recording this song in August.

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