No be juju! - Crocodile spotted at Oduom Popular Store

No be juju! – Crocodile spotted at Oduom Popular Store

A crocodile that was spotted in front of a well-known store surprised and might have been dangerous to the residents of Kumasi-Oduom in the Ashanti Region when they woke up.

Oduom community’s response to the reptile’s unusual appearance has been divided.


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Superstitious locals have stated that they think the crocodile’s sudden appearance in the area is an extraordinary and possibly spiritual event, and that it may require special rituals and offerings to appease the gods of the land.

 In order to protect public safety and the crocodile’s wellbeing, local authorities and wildlife specialists have been informed of the situation. They are currently determining the best course of action.


The incident is still a source of curiosity and conversation in the Oduom community.


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