DJ Khaled nearly broke into Bryson Tiller's house over a Rihanna collaboration

DJ Khaled nearly broke into Bryson Tiller’s house over a Rihanna collaboration

DJ Khaled rose to prominence as a radio personality on the radio station 99 Jamz in the 1990s. DJ Khaled’s commitment to fulfilling deadlines has driven him to this level of accomplishment. It was recently revealed that Khaled came dangerously close to breaking into Bryson Tiller’s home as a result of their collaboration with Rihanna.

DJ Khaled nearly broke into Bryson Tiller’s house over a Rihanna collaboration

Khaled has admitted that he was on the verge of breaking into Bryson Tiller’s house due of their Rihanna collaboration. During a recent Drink Champs visit, the producer told N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN that he was willing to go to great measures to complete “Wild Thoughts” as the release date for his Grateful album approached in 2017. Tiller and Khaled recorded the song together at first, but when Rihanna hopped on it and changed the pitch, Tiller had to redo it.

“So I called Bryson Tiller like, ‘Yo, good news. The RiRi vocals are in. Great news.’ I go to Bryson Tiller’s house in L.A., I play him the record, we all excited, ‘I need you to cut your vocals up because now the music’s pitched up, so you gotta cut your vocals up.’ Even me, I had to change my sh*t. He said, ‘No problem.’ I leave.”

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Bryson Tiller stopped responding to DJ Khaled as time ran out on Grateful, so he took matters into his own hands and showed up to his house. “He’s not answering his phone,” Khaled observed. DJ Khaled also discussed Bryson Tiller’s star power at the moment and how he knew “Wild Thoughts” was going to be a success in his gut.

“You know, Bryson’s my brother. He had a surprise album coming out at the same time so he’s not picking up my phone. I need this done.”

“I got f*cking Rihanna vocals, one of the biggest records of my career. He’s not picking up the phone. I jump in my car, I drive to his house. He has a gate. I’m flashing my lights, honking my horn, sending texts, nobody’s replying.”

“You think I’m playing with this sh*t? One thing about me, anybody know me, I don’t play no games. Eventually, shout out to Rich the Barber, he comes outside, Bryson comes out, they open the gate. I was already climbing the gate. You think I’m playing? Ask them, call them. Call them, get their version. It might be more intense.”

“They come outside, I say, ‘Yo bro, I need the record, I need you to cut your vocals. I gotta drop this record next week.’ He did it, he was excited to do it. I was just confused, meaning as in, can you pick up your phone? Even Rich the Barber, that’s my brother. They were dropping a surprise album.”

“He’s still special, he’s still incredible. But at that time, it was like the rise of a new star, but very f*cking potent. Like his shows, Rihanna went to his show, Justin Bieber went to his show, stars were coming out to his show. You know, it’s what I do, I knew that energy. I was a fan, I’m still a fan, we make music to this day.”

“It’s a special story because I knew how big the record was before it even came out, and when my gut tells me something, it’s like the holy grail. If I tell you my gut telling me something, just know we’re gonna win big. So ‘Wild Thoughts,’ shout-out to Rihanna, Bryson Tiller and PARTYNEXTDOOR. One of my biggest records, one of my favorite records, and a very special story behind it.”

“Wild Thoughts,” produced by Nasty Beatmakers and Kuk Harrell, peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart, with the music video receiving over a billion views on YouTube. So it was all beneficial in the end.

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