”Do you like Giddyfia or not?” - Chichi throws a confusing question to Amaka. (Video)
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”Do you like Giddyfia or not?” – Chichi throws a confusing question to Amaka. (Video)

Finally, what million of fans are asking for has been done by Big Brother after merging the level 1 and 2 house together yet, some where left in tears following the eviction of two of the level 2 housemates – Kess and Pharmsavi.

”Do you like Giddifia or not.” – Chichi throw a confusing question to Amaka. (Video)

Now Big Brother has confirm that from now on no level 1 no level 2 but rather they are all one.

Amaka and Phyna has been on a relationship race for some time now and it seems Amaka has been left behind because when we take a throwback to the time the house was not merge she is one of the single ladies in level 2 house.

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According to her she is developing feelings for Giddyfia in the house but she is hiding it but Chichi saw her reaction towards Giddyfia and she approach her and ask her if she likes Giddyfia and she said yes she do like him and according to Amaka Giddyfia also like her.

After Chichi asked her what she’s feeling about Giddyfia she told her if she likes Giddyfia then what’s stopping her therefore she better look Sharp before she loose this one to because Giddyfia is single in the house.

Conversation head lines 😀

Chichi: Do you want Giddyfia or not?

Amaka: I want him ❤️

Chichi: Then what is stopping you?… I hate week B!tches

Stay tuned for more updates on Big Brother house because now the showing will be getting interesting.

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