Breaking news: Sound Engineer Fredyma: The Untold Story Behind the Viral 'Cobra' Song... Read More

Breaking news: Sound Engineer Fredyma: The Untold Story Behind the Viral ‘Cobra’ Song… Read More

Renowned sound engineer, Fred Kyei Mensah, widely recognized as Fredyma, has recently disclosed that the widely popular song “Cobra” started as an experimental musical project.

Initially performed by the emerging Ghanaian vocalist, Obaapa Gladys, “Cobra” has taken the internet by storm, sparking a global dance challenge inspired by its catchy lyrics.

This track, initially released in early 2023, initially remained relatively unnoticed until it unexpectedly gained prominence on TikTok in late September.

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In just a matter of days, “Cobra” went viral, with both celebrities and regular individuals enthusiastically participating in the infectious dance challenge.

Taking to Facebook, Fredyma shed light on the song’s origins:

“The creation of the Cobra song was essentially an experiment where I found the lyrics to be rather amusing.”

Fredyma further elaborated that the song’s message revolves around the perils of deception and how the words of one person can wreak havoc in another person’s life.

Fredyma Cobra

He also emphasized that, despite its humorous tone, the song’s lyrics carry a significant and serious message.

For further reference, please see the Facebook post provided below.

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