Sensational Allegations: Fameye's Manager Accuses Nigel Gaisie of Misdeeds

Sensational Allegations: Fameye’s Manager Accuses Nigel Gaisie of Misdeeds

The director of the well-known Ghanaian artist, Fameye, has made serious accusations against the Founder and Leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaisie.

According to Kwadwo Wood, Nigel Gaisie is not a true servant of God. Fameye’s manager has described the religious figure as a “thief” who accumulates wealth through his questionable prophetic activities.

Kwadwo Wood is strongly urging the media not to grant interviews to Nigel Gaisie, as he claims that the prophet is also suffering from bipolar disorder. As a result, Wood argues that his statements and pronouncements should not be taken seriously.

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“God does not recognize him. Who is Nigel Gaisie? He is a liar, unethical, fraudulent, and a deceitful prophet, and a particularly significant one at that. He is suffering from bipolar disorder,” he asserted. Wood went on to recount an incident related to Fameye, where one of Gaisie’s junior ministers asked for an envelope containing money to supposedly nullify a death prophecy about the artist. Wood expressed his disbelief, mentioning that he refrained from a physical confrontation only because they were in a church environment.

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In a warning to Nigel Gaisie regarding his predictions for Fameye’s future, Wood emphasized that they are continuing to thrive, creating great music. He suggested that such ominous predictions are made to instill fear in people and hinted at a secret he knows about Nigel Gaisie, which he promises to reveal at a later date. He concluded by stating, “When we visited his place, he did something, but I prefer not to disclose it in public unless he provokes me again.”

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