Fat Joe Claims Rappers Are an 'Endangered Species' After PnB Rock Murder

Fat Joe Claims Rappers Are an ‘Endangered Species’ After PnB Rock Murder

American rapper, Joseph Antonio Cartagena, who is better known by his stage name, Fat Joe has claimed that rappers are a threatened species.

Joe was interviewed by Charlamagne Tha God on “Hell of a Week” just a few days after PnB Rock was fatally shot during a heist at Roscoe’s Chicken ‘N Waffles, and he was asked about the risky nature of being a rapper in the modern world.

Fat Joe Claims Rappers Are an 'Endangered Species' After PnB Rock Murder
Fat Joe Claims Rappers Are an ‘Endangered Species’ After PnB Rock Murder

Joe recalled the numerous catastrophes in hip-hop, saying “Rappers are the endangered species.” “We’re getting hit up by the police, the feds, and our own people for attempting to spread love in our neighborhood. Thus, being a rapper today is quite risky. The current hardest position available is this one.

Joe also considered the circumstances behind PnB Rock’s passing. The rapper shared an Instagram Story just before Monday’s shooting in which he could be seen sporting jewelry, and his girlfriend named the eatery in the picture. Joe, though, claims that PnB and his girlfriend are not to blame.

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Joe claimed, “The young brother was patronizing Black-owned establishments, visiting Roscoe’s Chicken with his wife and his child.” And as a result, we received numerous excuses such as, “Oh, but his wife posted the chicken? He shouldn’t be wearing jewelry, right? What if we agreed not to kill each other?

Joe declared that while he was “not against him robbing,” he couldn’t get why the suspect had to kill someone. Why did you have to kill him? I find that to be bothersome, he continued. And what about the other families at Roscoe’s who are seated and witness someone getting their brains blasted out in front of them, in addition to destroying that family?

Joe thinks that jealousy is at the heart of the murders. People become angry with themselves. They become upset at their lack of life success. They gaze in the mirror. They lament, “Damn, I’m 40 or 50 and I don’t have nothing.

“Nine times out of ten, they kill you in your own neighborhood because they are envious of you,” he continued. We also need to quit being envious.

The only way to defend yourself, in Joe’s opinion, is to employ a security company. “You need security right now. The bottom line is that. Authentic security, too,” he added.

Detectives are still looking for PnB’s killer, who escaped the scene in a car that someone else was driving.

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