FULL VIDEO: Social media users allege guy in Shugatiti's leaked video is a musician

FULL VIDEO: Social media users allege guy in Shugatiti’s leaked video is a musician

Ghanaian famed nvdist and socialite, Shugatiti has caught the attention of millions of Ghanaians after uploading her own s3x video on her Snapchat and later deleting it.

Apparently, Shugatiti, who is also allegedly a s3x addict, recorded herself getting bonked hard in a doggy style.

Shugatiti can’t deny being in the video because her face and curves are so clearly seen in the already viral video.

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Several Twitter users have claimed that the man who was seriously slicing Shugatiti like his life depended on the encounter is a well-known artiste amid the viral nature of the footage.

None of the people who vehemently claim to know the man in the video have given his name, perhaps to prevent any legal disputes after being brought to court.

Well, this is not the first time Shugatiti is trending relating to such manners. Clink HERE to watch the video.



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