"Our Eyes don pain we" - Hajia Bintu's new gym video sparks controversy online

“Our Eyes don pain we” – Hajia Bintu’s new gym video sparks controversy online

After Hajia Bintu posted a new gym video of herself getting in shape, internet users were enthralled with her.

Hajia Bintu

It appears that Hajia Bintu posted the video on her social media pages, which is accessible to gistpaper.com

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“New challenge, let’s go…”

Hajia Bintu

It’s possible that the challenge provoked responses as online users responded:

Watch video here


“And what’s the goal?…. After adding body fat through surgery… we start with protein shake powder… then start taking pics and videos that we are working out 🏋️‍♀️… ssmh”


“Those shorts company should give you an advert deal”


“This woman will burst o, her Duna keeps getting bigger every day 👀`”

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