Happy fan puts her head between Zodwa Wabantu's legs celebrating her grand comeback (Video)

Happy fan puts her head between Zodwa Wabantu’s legs celebrating her grand comeback (Video)

It was an exciting evening as Zodwa honored her fans during the Easter holiday, making their day. A bucket of beers was on the table, and it was clear that most of the people around Zodwa had been drinking.

Thanks to Zodwa’s positive energy upon her return, everyone appeared to be having a great time. A self-assured woman wanted to be close to Zodwa Wabantu as she could get while sitting on the couch, and she had nowhere else to go but between her legs.

While others grabbed her hair, some fans grabbed her tummy in the back. Everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves, and Zodwa appeared to be back to her best. Even though she is back, she claims she is not back as Zodwa Wabantu but as Inyanga.

Zodwa had been doing a lot, and being an Inyanga is not the worst one should expect. Only time will tell if Zodwa is back as an Inyanga or as the Zodwa we knew before then.

Watch video below;


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