'I made over $11,000 in three months' - Sister Derby says she's cashing out big selling n*des on OnlyFans (Video)

‘I made over $11,000 in three months’ – Sister Derby says she’s cashing out big selling n*des on OnlyFans (Video)

Ghanaian singer Sister Derby, is currently making a huge sum of money working in internet s3x.

Sister Derby joined the online community of OnlyFans to share n*de with her admirers. The contentious artist and LGBT activist has turned to business by posting explicit materials online.

She currently sells private persons her n*k3d pictures and videos. She claims that during the last three months, she has earned roughly $11,000.

She admitted in an interview that she can now care for her mother and herself. She revealed she used part of her earnings to fix her mother’s teeth and also settle her travelling expenses.

Sister Derby revealed this and some other personal issues involving their relationship on Lynx TV.

According to her, she would rather m*sturbate than go into a relationship with someone she is not s*xually attracted to.

Watch interview below;

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