"I Never Knew Young Men Are So Sweet" – Nana Agradaa Praises Her New Lover For Satisfying Her To The Maximum

“I Never Knew Young Men Are So Sweet” – Nana Agradaa Praises Her New Lover For Satisfying Her To The Maximum

Nana Agradaa’s new partner, Asiamah, seems to have made a significant impact on her life, as per her recent social media post. Evangelist Mama Pat, as she’s also known, expressed that her new lover is exceptionally satisfying in bed compared to her former boyfriend.

She even went on to say that she never knew a fresh relationship could be this fulfilling. In the process, she criticized her ex-husband for being a lackluster lover who couldn’t satisfy her.

A few weeks ago, Nana Agradaa revealed that she had found a new man after divorcing her husband. In a self-recorded video, she explained that her beauty should not be reserved for just one man to enjoy and that it was inappropriate for someone as attractive as her to remain single after parting ways with her previous husband.

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In the viral video, the controversial former fetish priest, now an evangelist, proudly displayed a ring on her finger, announcing that she got engaged exactly a week after her divorce. She made it clear that she’s not single anymore and that another man has taken her heart. She emphasized that every woman deserves love and support.

Notably, Mama Pat, previously known as Nana Agradaa, recently accused her former husband of having an extramarital affair with a UK-based woman named Mercy Ohemeng. She used social media videos to criticize both her husband and Mercy Ohemeng for allegedly using friendship as a cover for infidelity.

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