“I’ve Performed In Almost Every Country...”- Burna Boy says with pride.

“I’ve Performed In Almost Every Country…”- Burna Boy says with pride.

By the end of 2022, Burna Boy hope of performing in almost all of the countries on the planet. He travels from one country to the next, performing on stages all over the world.

“I’ve Performed In Almost Every Country.”- Burna Boy said with

Burna Boy is a Nigerian recording and performing artist whose music has become well-known around the world of music.
He hopes of calling it a done deal in every nation by the time his tour of Asia, Australia, and South America is over.

Burna Boy said in his words;

“And by 2022 I’ve performed in almost every country in the world. Once I do The Asia, Australia and South American tour. I will truly have done it all.”

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