Kanye West Apologizes to Kim Kardashian, Admits 'Sway Had the Answer' in 'GMA' Interview

Kanye West Apologizes to Kim Kardashian, Admits ‘Sway Had the Answer’ in ‘GMA’ Interview

Kanye West made an appearance on “Good Morning America” on Thursday, when he apologized to Kim Kardashian and discussed his problems with Gap and Adidas as well as his potential run for office.

He said of his ex-wife, who filed for divorce in February 2021 after nearly seven years of marriage, “This is the mother of my children, and I apologize for any stress that I have caused, even in my frustration, because God calls me to be stronger, but also ain’t nobody else finna be causing no stress either.”

Kanye West Apologizes to Kim Kardashian, Admits 'Sway Had the Answer' in 'GMA' Interview
Kanye West Apologizes to Kim Kardashian, Admits ‘Sway Had the Answer’ in ‘GMA’ Interview

In order to be able to raise those children, he continued, “I need this person to be the least stressed, of the best sound mind, and as peaceful as possible.”

Ye and his ex-wife recently had an argument about where to send their four children to school. He “definitely” wants them to join Donda Academy, his private Christian school, even though they presently attend Sierra Canyon.

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I am their father. It must be shared parenting. Not just the woman must do it. Men can make decisions, too. The voices of men matter, he said.

The former couple does, however, seem to be getting along better now. Ye remarked, equating his difficulties with Gap and Adidas to his difficulties with co-parenting, “I do have a voice, but I have to battle for it.

There were subtle parallels between what was happening at Gap, Adidas, and his home, he said, adding that it sucks to have to “like yell” over what your children are wearing.

He continued, “There was kind of a disrespect for the voice of something that I co-created. “I helped to make the kids. At Adidas, I helped to build the product. The product at Gap, which I helped develop, has a counterpart that touches on discrimination. Kanye said, referring to his California project-based school academy, “I want my kids to go to Donda and I have to fight for say so.”

Ye recently ended his contract with Gap, and he and Adidas are still at strife. He has retained Alex Spiro, who has defended JAY-Z and Elon Musk, to represent him in his legal disputes.

Ye declared, “We really had to level up and prove to ’em who the new boss in town is.

With the opening of his own YZY retail store in Atlanta, he now intends to sell Yeezy to customers directly.

He brought up his 2013 interview with Sway Calloway, in which Sway advised him to “empower himself” and market his goods independently of big businesses, during his conversation with ABC News’ Linsey Davis.

How Swing? Ye responded in the now-famous tape, “You ain’t got the answers, man.

But over ten years later, he acknowledges that Sway might have been correct all along. He declared, “I’ll go ahead and say Sway have the solution.

The candidate for president in 2020 also made a clue about his future in politics by indicating he intends to run for office once more. He answered, “Yes, without saying when, totally. God’s timing wasn’t at that moment.

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