Kevin Hart accuses Tasha K of dodging "Financial Liabilities" with Shell Companies.

Kevin Hart accuses Tasha K of dodging “Financial Liabilities” with Shell Companies.

Kevin Hart and Tasha K
Kevin Hart and Tasha K

Last month, Kevin Hart filed a lawsuit against Tasha K, accusing the internet personality of extortion. She filmed a damning interview with Miesha Shakes a few months back, in which his ex-assistant alleges that he cheated on his wife, has a gambling addiction, and more. Allegedly, her team later reached out to Hart threatening to release the interview unless he coughed up $250K.

“You have already engaged in criminal conduct and tortious acts that would entitle Mr. Hart to monetary damages against you should he elect to commence civil litigation regarding this matter,” the lawsuit reads. “To the extent that you do not cease and desist now, your liability for such monetary damages will increase, as will your exposure to criminal penalties.” Now, Hart has submitted an amendment to the original suit, adding Yelen Entertainment LLC as a defendant.

Hart’s team alleges that Tasha K’s husband, Cheickna Kebe, owns the company. They also believe that it’s “responsible for content [Tasha] publishes.” Hart claims that Yelen Entertainment is a “successor entity to Kebe Studios,” which Tasha K owned prior to her legal battle with Cardi B. According to the comedian, the company was allegedly formed in an attempt to “evade financial liabilities.”

In the suit, Hart’s team alleges that both Yelen and Kebe were “merely shell entities, and shams of one another, through which [Tasha] carried out her business in entity names, and that at all times mentioned, [Tasha] treated Kebe Studios and Yelen, and used the assets of Kebe Studios and Yelen, as her own personal property, and dominated, controlled and operated Kebe Studios and Yelen to conceal her wrongful activities, suit her personal convenience, and avoid obligations and liabilities, both monetary and non-monetary, owed to others.”

What do you think of Kevin Hart suing Tasha K for alleged extortion? What about the comedian accusing her of trying to “evade financial liabilities” with a shell company? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on for more updates.

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