Kim Kardashian’s alleged thief has no remorse over robbing her in Paris

Kim Kardashian’s alleged thief has no remorse over robbing her in Paris

Kim Kardashian is one of the most wealthy and successful people in the field. Kim K has put forth a lot of effort throughout her life to be where she is. Her popularity has, however, attracted a lot of attention, which prompted the heist. Kim Kardashian’s suspected assassin claimed he has no regrets about the Paris crime.

Kim Kardashian’s alleged thief has no remorse over robbing her in Paris

One of the suspects in the Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris, who seems to have acknowledged his role at least in part, says he doesn’t feel horrible about what happened. Yunis Abbas, one of the men accused of the 2016 heist, discussed the preparation and execution of the heist with Vice News in an interview. The heist brought in millions of dollars.

Abbas clarified that they followed Kim’s movements when she was in Paris that year, many of which were being reported on by the press and social media, both her own and others’. He added that they were keeping tabs on Kim via her program and social media. They believed Kim had a large income since she was flashing a lot of jewelry both in person and online, especially based on what they could see on “KUWTK,” according to Abbas.

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Although he claimed to have remained downstairs while his colleagues performed the deed, it appears that Abbas and his gang spent weeks plotting and when the big day arrived, they flawlessly carried out their plans. He gave the sense that it was a fairly easy thing to do. Abbas went on to say that he initially knew little to nothing about Kim, preferring to concentrate on Kanye, and that he has no regrets about his role in the crime.

He claimed that he was only picking up items that he thought Kim was clearly not interested in after witnessing her “throwing money away.” So, despite the fact that he realizes she must have been traumatized by it all, he doesn’t really feel any regret. Having talked, Kim has talked at length about the repercussions, saying that she was scared for her life and that the harm would be much worse than what actually happened.

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It also had a significant impact on Kim’s future behavior, especially in terms of security and flashing jewelry. It’s quite amazing to hear the account from one of the suspects directly. Abbas hasn’t shied away from discussing his role; he later penned a tell-all book about it, but he’s also apparently pled not guilty to the accusations leveled against him.

A total of 12 persons were charged in connection with the incident, and despite the case having been tried last fall, it appears that charges are still pending. What do you think about this robbery after hearing Abbas’ entire confession?

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