Kuami Eugene's Heartfelt Gift: Gospel Star Joyce Blessing Praises His Selfless Songwriting in 'Victory'

Kuami Eugene’s Heartfelt Gift: Gospel Star Joyce Blessing Praises His Selfless Songwriting in ‘Victory’

Ghanaian gospel sensation, Joyce Blessing, has expressed her deep appreciation for Kuami Eugene’s pivotal role in her latest release, ‘Victory’. She confirmed that the 26-year-old Highlife and Afrobeats artist not only composed the ‘Victory’ song but also took charge of directing its official music video.

In a recent interview, Joyce Blessing opened up about the profound impact of Kuami Eugene’s songwriting skills, revealing that the first time she heard the song, it moved her to tears.

Kuami Eugene and Joyce Blessing

Joyce Blessing didn’t stop at applauding Kuami Eugene’s talents; she also commended him for his remarkable selflessness. She disclosed that Kuami Eugene willingly forwent any financial compensation for his contributions to the song, requesting only that his name be recognized as the song’s writer in the public eye. This act of generosity stands in stark contrast to his recent dispute with Mr Drew, where Kuami Eugene expressed his frustration over insufficient credit for his substantial contributions to the hit single ‘Case’.

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Kuami Eugene‘s reputation as a prolific songwriter continues to grow, with credits for successful tracks like Ckay’s “Love Nwatiti” and MzVee’s “Come and See My Moda.” This heartfelt acknowledgment of his work by Joyce Blessing not only underscores his remarkable talent but also showcases his willingness to support fellow artists in the industry. Such acts of selflessness undoubtedly contribute to his rising in the music world.


Netizens react as Joyce Blessing discusses Kuami Eugene’s songwriting abilities. Joyce Blessing’s heartfelt gratitude to Kumai Eugene for gifting her the ‘victory’ song has prompted many netizens to share their thoughts on Kuami Eugene’s abilities.

@kwadwosheldon said That Kuami Eugene guy is overly talented! One of the most gifted musicians this country has ever seen! Don’t argue this

@jeremyb___ said let’s give Kuami Eugene his flowers chale

@fosuaah_ said So as she said this has it taken anything from her or the song? Anyways Ghanaians wanted to kill this talent because of his dressing.

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