Meta employees are furious as Mark Zuckerberg calls them to office, cuts free food service

Meta employees are furious as Mark Zuckerberg calls them to office, cuts free food service

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is reportedly cutting several office perks including limiting free food and snacks at the cafeteria. As per the latest report, Meta has faced complaints from employees about cutbacks on office perks.

According to a report coming from The New York Times, many Meta employees have expressed dissatisfaction with the decline in cafeteria options, including a lack of snacks and cereals at the office, as well as the elimination of free food services and other benefits.

Meta employees are furious as Mark Zuckerberg calls them to office, cuts free food service
Photo: Mark Zuckerberg

These cutbacks come as Meta continues its cost-cutting efforts under CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “year of efficiency”. Last year, the company announced layoffs affecting over 11,000 workers, and in March of this year, it revealed plans to eliminate another 10,000 jobs in the near future. The pending layoffs and concerns about the company’s future have reportedly negatively impacted employee morale, with some employees feeling uncertain and anxious about their job security.

The report also highlighted how employees have resorted to making memes about the looming cuts, with some describing the work environment as akin to “Hunger Games” meets “Lord of the Flies,” where employees feel the need to prove their worth to management.

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In addition to the reduction in cafeteria options, Meta has also cut other office perks such as free laundry and dry cleaning services, health and wellness benefits, and more, as reported by Insider. The company has also adjusted its free dinner service, pushing it half an hour later and eliminating to-go containers in an effort to reduce costs.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg has been advocating for employees to return to the office. He recently stated in an all-hands meeting that while Meta will continue to support remote work, the company will analyze performance data and potentially update its policy over the summer. He also pointed to internal analysis during an earnings call that suggested early-career engineers who joined in person performed better than those working remotely.

Meta’s cutbacks on office perks are not unique in the tech industry, as other companies like Google and Salesforce have also scaled back on amenities. In the past, office perks have been used as a way to stay competitive and encourage employees to spend more time in the office. However, the shift towards remote work and the uncertain economic environment has prompted companies to reassess their spending on such perks.

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