Mike Sonko's Bold Move: Backing Brian Mwenda's Legal Dream Amid Controversy

Mike Sonko’s Bold Move: Backing Brian Mwenda’s Legal Dream Amid Controversy

Former Nairobi Mayor Mike Sonko has unveiled plans to facilitate the academic journey of Brian Mwenda, the self-proclaimed lawyer who, despite not holding a valid practicing license, remarkably won all 26 cases he handled. In a heartfelt video that has surfaced online, Sonko passionately advocated for Mwenda, highlighting his exceptional talents and the need to support his legal aspirations.

Mike Sonko

Mike Sonko expressed his commitment to assist Mwenda in enrolling in a law school abroad, a potential opportunity to hone his skills and rectify any discrepancies in his legal career. He assured that Mwenda would be accompanied by experienced lawyers, demonstrating a willingness to cooperate with any legal investigations.

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Brian Mwenda’s audacious impersonation as a lawyer raised eyebrows and led to his reported case to the Kenyan Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI). The revelation of his unlicensed practice, which spanned years and encompassed numerous cases heard by various levels of Kenya’s courts, ultimately culminated in his recent arrest.

Mike Sonko

Mwenda, speaking publicly for the first time since his arrest, expressed gratitude to his supporters and conveyed his determination to prove his innocence when his day in court arrives.

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This captivating narrative not only highlights Mwenda’s audacious journey but also underscores Mike Sonko’s commitment to his cause.

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