Afrobeat Star Mohbad's Manager and Widow Exposed: Check Out Full Details

Afrobeat Star Mohbad’s Manager and Widow Exposed: Check Out Full Details

Two months following the tragic demise of the renowned Afrobeat singer, Mohbad, there have been troubling accusations directed at his widow, Omowunmi Aloba. It has been alleged that she was engaged in an intimate relationship with her late husband’s manager. These explicit claims were brought to light by Micee, a close friend of the late singer, during a conversation with the controversial internet personality known as VeryDarkman.


During the interview, Micee asserted that Mohbad had a heated confrontation with his manager, Tunde, who had made a derogatory comment insinuating that he was being dominated by his wife. Micee went on to reveal that Mohbad’s manager, who happened to be a lesbian, was romantically involved with Mohbad’s wife. This shocking revelation purportedly had concrete evidence, as corroborated by an associate of both parties.

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According to Micee, the dispute between Mohbad and Tunde escalated to the point where Tunde explicitly stated, “I am not the type that is controlled by his wife,” during an argument at Marlian’s house. He hinted at the existence of concealed details and refrained from mentioning names. Additionally, an old manager, known as one of their associates, disclosed that Mohbad possessed incriminating video evidence showcasing his wife engaging in compromising activities with the manager.

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