Breaking: Multi-Award-Winning Musician Mzbel Balances Family, Fufu Feast, and Business at Bela's Pub! ( See Full Video )

Breaking: Multi-Award-Winning Musician Mzbel Balances Family, Fufu Feast, and Business at Bela’s Pub! ( See Full Video )

Mzbel, the renowned and multi-award-winning musician, recently treated her fans to a delightful glimpse into her life as she indulged in a delectable meal. In a heartwarming video she shared, Mzbel can be seen savoring a generous portion of fufu, served in a traditional earthenware bowl, accompanied by a sumptuous helping of palm nut soup, mouthwatering tilapia, and succulent meat.

What makes this scene even more endearing is the presence of her adorable son, Adepa, diligently immersed in his studies while his talented mother relished her meal. As if that wasn’t heartwarming enough, Mzbel had her daughter, the charming Ohemaa Akosua Sikapa Tweneboa, comfortably nestled in her lap while she enjoyed her culinary delight.

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The artist didn’t miss the opportunity to share the location and the source of this mouthwatering feast. She revealed that this scrumptious meal was served right at her very own establishment, Bela’s Pub, where patrons can experience the joy of authentic Ghanaian cuisine. Furthermore, Mzbel generously provided information about her restaurant’s operating hours and days, inviting her audience to come and experience this culinary delight for themselves. For families, there’s a special treat as well: a dedicated children’s section called Bel Kids Playground.

In this heartwarming video, viewers witness the lovely sight of Mzbel sharing a fufu feast with her daughter on her lap, all while her dedicated son focuses on his studies. It’s a testament to the artist’s multitasking abilities and her commitment to both her family and her business. This heartwarming moment not only showcases her culinary passion but also highlights her dedication to providing a family-friendly dining experience at Bela’s Pub.

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