Viral Video: Mzbel's Son's Religious Views Spark Excitement as Elon Musk Offers an Invite

Viral Video: Mzbel’s Son’s Religious Views Spark Excitement as Elon Musk Offers an Invite

Mzbel, the well-known Ghanaian highlife singer, and her son Okomfo Black are currently making headlines due to the recent remarks made by her son regarding religion and Christianity. A viral video featuring Okomfo Black expressing his disbelief in God caused quite a buzz on social media.

In an unexpected turn of events, a comment seemingly from “Elon Musk” on the video caught Mzbel’s attention, leaving her both thrilled and puzzled.

The comment, which appeared to be from the renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk, read, “He knows his true lineage. Lemme have his contact, want to invite him to Texas for a live broadcast.” Mzbel couldn’t believe her eyes and shared a screenshot of the comment with the caption, “Is this for real? Elon Musk wants to meet my son? Lol.”


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However, it’s important to clarify that the comment was not actually from the real Elon Musk; rather, it was made by a fake account impersonating him. Despite the mix-up, the incident has only added to the attention Okomfo Black’s video has received, making it a trending topic both locally and beyond

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