"Ninalowo Removes Wife's Instagram Photos Amidst Public Reaction to Their Divorce"

“Ninalowo Removes Wife’s Instagram Photos Amidst Public Reaction to Their Divorce”

“Ninalowo Removes Wife’s Instagram Photos Amidst Public Reaction to Their Divorce”

Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo recently removed all images of his wife, Bunmi Ninalowo, from his Instagram profile, following their announcement of divorce. The couple, who had been married for 16 years, attributed their separation to “irreconcilable differences.”

News of their divorce has generated significant reactions on social media, with many expressing surprise and sorrow. Some social media users speculate that the couple’s public display of affection may have contributed to their split, while others question the authenticity of their reconciliation attempts after their initial separation.

For instance, one Instagram user named Oloyede Oluseyi commented, “Content creator couples are different from couples who are really enjoying their marriage. Once you see too much of the camera, it’s mostly a sham. People enjoying marriage don’t even remember to record it.”

Bash Anthony, in a comment on X (formerly Twitter), expressed an unconventional perspective on marriage, suggesting that intrafamily marriage between siblings should be allowed as a means to strengthen the bond of marriage. According to Anthony, the inherent family connection between siblings cannot be severed, and marrying a sibling eliminates the cultural, religious, and family differences that may exist in relationships with non-siblings. Anthony also invoked the common religious belief that all human beings originate from the same ancestor, Adam, to support this viewpoint.

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