Shakira, Gerard Piqué Sit Distance Away During Son's Baseball Game

Shakira, Gerard Piqué Sit Distance Away During Son’s Baseball Game

Both Shakira and Gerard Piqué attended the baseball game of their sons but sat a distance away.

The ex-couples were out and about cheering on Milan, their 9-year-old son, in Barcelona.

On one side of the stands, Gerard was sitting with his mother.

Along with her friends, Shakira arrived on one while her mother sat on another.

Even so, the singer also spent some time by herself in the dugout.

The exes did not glance at one another throughout the entire game, according to sources.

They didn’t start interacting until their son was saying his goodbyes after the game.

Last week, Shakira finally spoke up about her breakup with Gerard.

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She claimed that she kept silent ever since rumors first surfaced in June, partly out of concern for her children.

The singer acknowledged that she and her kids had a difficult time adjusting to the separation.

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