What do you think; Shugatiti Sparks Debate: "If he loves you, he won't last long in bed"

What do you think; Shugatiti Sparks Debate: “If he loves you, he won’t last long in bed”

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur Shugatiti has sparked controversy by asserting her views on the connection between genuine love and a man’s performance in bed.

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The outspoken Shugatiti boldly claims that if a man genuinely loves his partner, he shouldn’t last long during intimacy.

Expressing her viewpoint in response to a post by blogger Sammykay, Shugatiti stirred conversation given her reputation for openly discussing her ability to make men reach climax quickly.

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This assertion by Shugatiti has ignited a debate, prompting discussions about the complex dynamics of love and physical intimacy. Some find her perspective intriguing, while others question the correlation between lasting in bed and the depth of one’s affection.

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