Shugatiti's Quest for Satisfaction: From Viral Confession to Ongoing Search for Sexu@l Bliss

Shugatiti’s Quest for Satisfaction: From Viral Confession to Ongoing Search for Sexu@l Bliss

Shugatiti, the Ghanaian actress who gained global attention seven months ago for openly discussing her inability to reach sexual climax, has provided an update on her situation. During a recent interview with actor Kwaku Manu, she reiterated her ongoing struggle, despite her numerous sexual encounters with different men.

In her previous interview, Shugatiti had boldly stated, “You can’t satisfy me; I have never had an orgasm in my life. I don’t get orgasms. I asked my doctor, and he assured me that it was normal because not all women experience orgasms.


In this new interview, Shugatiti revealed that her quest for sexual satisfaction continues, as none of the men she has been with have been able to provide her with the elusive climax. However, there was a glimmer of change in her sexual experiences as she mentioned recently experiencing squirting, a notable development in her journey to sexual fulfillment, although she still falls short of the ultimate goal. She expressed, “Still, no man has been able to make me orgasm. I only recently began squirting, but as for an orgasm, no. It’s only recently that I have been able to squirt.”

Kwaku Manu, the interviewer, inquired, “So what exactly have the men you’ve been intimate with been doing?” Shugatiti responded, “At least they made me squirt. I have been excited about it since. But I think they are not strong enough.”

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While Shugatiti’s story has garnered significant attention, it remains a topic of interest and discussion, and she continues her journey toward sexual satisfaction. In the realm of SEO, this update and her candid sharing on her experiences may generate substantial online traffic and engagement due to its controversial nature and the ongoing public interest in her story

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