There’s no relationship between Ronaldo, Georgina – Filipa Torrinha Nunes

There’s no relationship between Ronaldo, Georgina – Filipa Torrinha Nunes

According to Filipa Torrinha Nunes, a Portuguese psychologist, Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodriguez are simply appearing to be in a good relationship right now.

He claims that the partners are merely acting for the benefit of their commercial ventures.

Ronaldo and Georgina have been dating since 2016, when the Portuguese international first met the Argentine model in a Gucci store in Madrid.

They have two children together and are frequently on the back pages as a result of their public appearances and lavish lifestyle.

However, there have been numerous publications speculating about the pair’s strained relationship.

Nunes said in an interview with Alo Portugal that their relationship was a sham.

She said that the Portugal international has continued to act out a script, claiming that the couple is on the verge of breaking up.

“I continue to feel the separation,” she maintained.

“I can admit that I could be wrong, but that’s not the case, to be honest. I think that they are together only and only for business.

“There are contractual issues here, certainly between the two, including in relation to the children.”

She further explained that Ronaldo and Georgina “are unwell”, adding that their love story “is too exaggerated for what is normal.”

The psychologist insisted: “It’s a script, and we have to realise the obvious. We have to understand what’s going on behind the scenes; we’re being duped for business, allegedly.”

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