WATCH: Insane Airplane Stunt in Tom Cruise's New 'Mission Impossible' Movie Spotted in Leaked Video

WATCH: Insane Airplane Stunt in Tom Cruise’s New ‘Mission Impossible’ Movie Spotted in Leaked Video

Following discussions about his upcoming “Mission: Impossible” movie, Tom Cruise is preparing to have a good time for his fans. Untraceable leak of a movie clip with outrageous stunts is both glad and terrible news.

Tom stands on an airborne biplane, holding onto nothing but a rig and talking into the camera. All these were filmed from another plane across the way. Tom says he’s filming the latest entry of the ‘M: I’ series, which seems to be ‘Dead Reckoning Pt. 2.’

Watch the clip.

Notably, the second edition of “Dead Reckoning” is currently in production, and he is eager to show it to audiences. Christopher McQuarrie, the director, interrupts him mid-sentence. The director, flying his own biplane, which lands directly next to Tom’s, informs him that they need to continue filming because they are running out of daylight.

Tom ends by promising to meet everyone at the movies. Chris posted a photo of Tom doing something just as nuts earlier this year to commemorate his 60th birthday. Tom Cruise is famous for onscreen feats, especially in the “M:I” franchise.

It seems ‘Dead Reckoning’ is going to be no different!

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