Yazzi Sangari Revelations: Accra Big Girl's Shocking Tell-All Unveils Scandalous Night Out

Yazzi Sangari Revelations: Accra Big Girl’s Shocking Tell-All Unveils Scandalous Night Out

A few months back, we brought you a story that alleged an incident involving a prominent figure in Accra, referred to as an “Accra Big girl,” who was accused of drugging GhOne Presenter Yazzi Sangari.

In our previous report, it was revealed that Yazzi Sangari, Sheritta Banini, another significant had a night out, during which drugs were surreptitiously added to Yazzi’s drink without her knowledge.

Subsequently, they all returned home, and it was at this point that a threesome took place, which was recorded on a mobile phone. This explicit content was later used as leverage against Yazzi after she had a dispute with Soshez Fashion.

The focal character in this controversy, whose identity is now disclosed as Sheritta Banini, has broken her silence on the matter for the first time since the story initially came to light.

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In a series of posts on her Snapchat account, Sheritta Banini, who also goes by the name Coco, has issued threats regarding her group’s questionable activities, which include engaging with attractive men and traveling abroad for romantic encounters.

Coco asserts that every aspect of the incident, which is currently the subject of a police investigation, was meticulously planned and agreed upon by all parties involved. They collectively made the decision to proceed with their plan, but Coco was eventually left to bear the brunt of it as she was associated with a failed romantic rendezvous in Nigeria.

Coco maintains that she is ready to divulge all the details and expresses her desire for a favorable outcome in any legal proceedings that may arise. Furthermore, she claims to possess video evidence that supports the version of events she has presented. You can find the specific posts on this matter below.

Yazzi Sangari

Yazzi Sangari

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