"Yes, Kiddwaya mentioned that his friend's father is the owner of Big Brother Naija."
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“Yes, Kiddwaya mentioned that his friend’s father is the owner of Big Brother Naija.”

“Yes, Kiddwaya mentioned that his friend’s father is the owner of Big Brother Naija.”

Big Brother Naija contestant and the son of Nigerian businessman Terry Waya, Kiddwaya, recently discussed his brief stint on the Big Brother All Stars TV show in a candid interview with Zikoko.

In the interview, he shared insights into his motivation for returning to the show, whether he had a game plan, and his thoughts on his early eviction.

Furthermore, Kiddwaya disclosed the influence of his friend’s father, who happens to be connected to Big Brother Naija, on his choice to participate again. Here are Kiddwaya’s remarks on the matter.

When asked about his return to the Big Brother Naija show, his friend’s father’s ownership of the show, his strategic approach, and his early exit, Kiddwaya disclosed:

KIDDWAYA: This platform, the largest in all of Africa, is what catapulted me to where I am today, and for that, I’m immensely thankful. It’s a platform owned by my friend’s dad, so when they beckon, I stay loyal. My aim is to provide entertainment and happiness, not just for myself but for everyone watching, because I respect the magnitude of this platform—it’s colossal.

Initially, I didn’t have a strategy, but everything changed when we received the rule book during lockdown. Big Brother mentioned that there would be no restrictions on discussing nominations and various other topics. That revelation made me realize that this is indeed a game, so I decided to embrace it.

Although I didn’t anticipate leaving the show so early, I’m content with my journey. There were moments of boredom and times when it felt like an eternity, but as they say, God’s timing is perfect. This marks my second time on the show, and I consider myself fortunate. Whether it’s one week, sixteen weeks, or any duration in between, I’m happy and grateful. Now, life begins anew, and we continue to move forward.

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